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The art of theater

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This is the community for people who enjoy theater, but don't go around singing showtunes. We're interested in the art of creating new and dynamic works for the stage.

Whether it be Off-Broadway, WAY Off-Broadway, Regional Theater, experimental whole-in-the-wall performance art, or a happening in the alley down the street, we realize there is much more to the theater world than what happens on a few commercialy-run blocks of Mid-town Manhattan called "Broadway."

And now the rules:

1. Feel free, in fact, I encourage you to post information about upcoming shows. We're not limited to NY. Post about events all over the country, abroad, whatever.
2. Post about gallery openings, museum exhibits, indie film reviews or anything else you think might be relevant to the community. (Use your judgement.)
3. For now, I'll allow people to post job/audition notices. We'll see though, if it becomes too much of a call-baord.
4. Don't post your resume or headshot. If you want to post production photos, put them behind a cut. 1 or 2 on the site is ok if they're not too big.
5. No trolling. I'd like to keep us out of www.ljdrama.org
6. Be nice. I certainly don't mind discussions/arguments over topics, but do so in an intelligent manner please.

FYI, your moderator is yortikins